Your visit to the Rheumatology Center of Princeton is the start of an important relationship. Most patients who come to us have seen many physicians or have long term illnesses. We understand how important it is to get careful and compassionate care addressing the person.

Before your appointment

To help save time and get the care you need please:

  • Be familiar with our policies
  • Know whether your health insurance covers the visit
  • Block out at least one hour from your calendar for your visit
  • Download and fill out the new patient forms available online

Write out three lists to bring with you to the appointment:

  • Medication lists including all vitamins and supplements you take, with current dosages and frequency
  • Symptoms of pain, inflammation, or disability you have experienced over the past month
  • Questions to ask your doctor

See the List of Medications We Use - Click Here

What to bring to your appointment

To help make your visit go as smoothly as possible, bring the following with you and tell your check-in specialist at the front desk that you have this information:

  • Health insurance card and photo ID (driver license)
  • Co-pay and/or referral if needed (consult with your health insurance company if unsure)
  • Completed new patient forms (or arrive 30 minutes early to fill paperwork out in the office)
  • Copies of records from any other Doctor who has treated you for this condition
  • Copies of any labs, x-rays, MRI, or other imaging and hospital reports from the past year.
  • List of all medications including dosages
  • Your personal calendar to setup your next appointment
  • A notebook and pen to take notes during your appointment

During your visit with the Doctor

Good communication is key to getting to the care that every patient needs. Two suggestions that can help your Doctor or Nurse Practitioner are:

  • Answer questions as best as you can. Your doctor will ask many questions. Some may seem irrelevant to your condition. Our goal is to treat each patient, not just the illness or disease.
  • Ask questions. Let your appointment be a conversation. Ask questions about your condition, your treatment plan, and more. Please sign up for the portal to allow for an easy form of communication between appointments.

After your first visit

At your first visit, we will schedule your second follow-up visit. Between your appointments complete the following:

  • Write a list of questions you may have for the Doctor
  • Keep track of all symptoms
  • Get all testing done that the Doctor has ordered
  • Contact us through the Patient Portal


Dr. Gina with Elaine and Irwin Weiss

"This is why I chose Rheumatology. We got to know the whole family"
- Dr. Del Giudice:

"It’s been 21 year coming together to see Dr. Gina. We have been married for 63 years and we are still in love."
- Elaine and Irwin