COVID 19- Telemedicine

To support our country’s response to the COVID-19 outbreak, we must do our part to prevent or at least slow down the spread of this disease. In order to do this, we must limit the number of patients who visit our office. We believe this policy benefits all of us. At this point, we continue to do infusion care but without any other patients in the office. We must protect our most vulnerable patients. We continue to consult with our patients both in the office and in the hospital but only when absolutely necessary.

We are in the process of instituting a telemedicine system. It is the best possible alternative at this time to treat our patients and prevent the spread of the disease. Once the government has determined that it is safe to see our patients, we will be able return to seeing patients in the office.

If you have an appointment, expect to be contacted about signing up for a telemedicine consult. We have begun this practice and it has been received favorably by our patients who recognize the limitations of this method, but recognize that it is the safest and most effective method of keeping our patients healthy at this time.

We appreciate the support our patients have given to these timely changes and we are working feverishly to set up the best possible system for our patients.

Healow App – You will get a call from our staff members asking you to load the Healow App on your phone or similar device. This app supports the use of “SKYPE”, a popular program that will allow you and your physician to see and talk to each other. It will also record the results of the visit on our electronic medical records system. There should also be options to connect through the patient portal and to use a link in an email we will send you prior to your appointment.

Your upcoming TeleMedicine Visit

In order to make your TeleMedicine appointment go as smoothly as possible please be sure to follow the tips below:

  • We will not be collecting copays at the time of your TeleMedicine visit.  Whether or not your insurance company will waive your copay is up to your individual insurance carrier.  If there is a co-pay we will send you a statement in the mail.
  • The best way to conduct your TeleMedicine visit is through the video app connected to our EMR called HEALOW.  Prior to your appointment please download the app onto your iPhone through the App Store or your Android Phone through Google Play Store, search for Healow.
  • After downloading you can register using our practice code, please note the code is case sensitive: HHBEAA
  • Please answer the questionnaire and your vitals put as much information as you can such as, blood pressure, weight, height, temperature, health history etc.
  • Be sure to do this at least an hour before your scheduled appointment.
  • 30 Minutes before your appointment an email will be sent as a reminder as well as a call from our office to help you log in.
  • Once completed, you can join the appointment by clicking the button 10 minutes before your appointment visit which will place you in a virtual waiting room.
  • The doctor will join the TeleMedicine session as soon as they become free.
  • For the best experience is through your mobile phone or tablet connected to a strong wifi signal.  Your device must be video and audio capabilities.
  • If you have any questions please feel free to contact the office at 609-896-2505.
  • Please note that this is a new process for our office, we ask you to be patient as we transition our patients to TeleMedicine visits to remain in compliance with the social distancing effort to halt the spread of the coronavirus.

We look forward to your visit.

Rheumatology Center of Princeton