Latest Thinking on Covid Vaccines August 20, 2021

Covid 19 restrictions have eased to some degree and we no longer require patients to call us or ring our doorbell to announce visits. We also allow fully vaccinated couples to meet with our doctors and necessary caregivers. We do not take temperatures of all our patients before entry like we did for the past year. We do still require patients and staff to wear masks in the office. We do not allow children into the exam room with the medical staff. Although we discourage patients from bringing children, we understand that sometimes there is no choice. Please talk to our schedulers about making a time where the office is not crowded so that your child can sit in our waiting room fully masked. We cannot supervise children during appointments.

The CDC has advised that immuno-compromised patients get a booster vaccine and we agree with this recommendation unless there are extenuating circumstances like allergic reactions and unusual exceptions. We expect patients will ask which booster vaccine to get. We can only say that opinions vary but we, The CDC and the American College of Rheumatology recommend you get the vaccine. Read the following press release for further information,

Remember that your rheumatologist is an expert on COVID and a resource at this time. You may read by following article for more specific information.

It might not be surprising to you to know that we are getting a high volume of calls asking about the booster dose. If you have a question, the best way to ask is through the patient portal. If you are a patient and know you name, date of birth, and cell phone as they appear in our records, you can log in by clicking on the patient portal and logging in with your mobile phone. You will get a text, that when opened, will give a code for logging in. You may also set up a virtual appointment with a nurse or doctor to discuss this question.

Lastly, rest assured our doctors are working hard to follow the evolving data on Covid.

Covid 19 Vaccines

Notice from Dr. Del Giudice and Dr. Froncek: 1/12/2021

This following url gives sites where the vaccine is currently offered.

We are finding many patients want to discuss the Covid 19 vaccines with the doctors. We are monitoring many sources of information, most notably the American College of Rheumatology website and publications and announcements from Penn Medicine Princeton Health in Plainsboro. Individuals with immunocompromising conditions or who take immunosuppressive medications or therapies might be at increased risk for developing severe COVID-19 illness if they become infected. We are monitoring recommendations that establish the safety and efficacy of the available vaccines in these groups.

We expect available information to change rapidly and it takes several days for us to update our website. Current information is regularly in the news. You might also monitor the CDC or state of New Jersey websites. Links are shown below.

You can preregister for your vaccine at

If you have been offered an appointment for a vaccine and have concerns because of your particular health issues, please call and request an appointment.