Better Communications with Our Practice

We have worked on opening up new areas of communication for our patients. While in emergencies or urgent matters, it is best to talk to a doctor, a staff member or go to the emergency room, less urgent communications can be accomplished through our messaging system. You may ask us to or we may send you a HIPAA compliant secure message.

A secure message enables HIPAA compliant communications between us and our patients. It is similar to a text sent to your mobile phone. To open it, you only need to enter your date of birth, xx/xx/xxxx, and your first and last names as they are entered in our system. You will then request a text or email and a code will be sent to you that will enable you to open your message. The secure message may have as many as 5 attachments that are saved as PDFs. If you have an APP, (ADOBE is the most popular one), you can open these attachments and type information into them. Alternately, you may print them out, fill them in by hand, and scan them. In either case, if you save these documents, you can then upload them into a reply to our secure message. This avoids sending protected health information by email or as an attachment to an email as this practice is not HIPAA compliant.

You may also now dial members of our staff directly using our directory avoiding our detailed automated attendant. Using extensions will help speed up communications and route messages to appropriate staff members. To dial directly, dial our main number, 609-895-2505. You may then immediately enter the extension number:

101 for Billing, Medical Records, or making appointments.

105 to get a message to Dr. Froncek or 106 to get a message to Dr. Delgiudice by speaking  to a medical assistant about test results, prior authorization, refills, etc.

107 to speak to our nurse.

113 to speak to our administrator.

If you leave a message for our staff, they will endeavor to get back to you promptly. You may also send us a fax at 609-896-2530 or email us at

For those having trouble logging onto the Patient Portal, if you have a cell phone number in our system, you can log into the system using your mobile phone. You will get a text with a code that you will need to enter. Follow the directions to connect. If you don’t have a cell phone or your cell phone number is not in our records, contact us.

We have made these changes to improve the patient experience. We understand that the patient experiences do not begin and end with a provider and we are working to handle your visits and communications in the most pleasant and efficient manner. We hope you see the benefits of these upgrades to our system. We look forward to hearing from you.

William Asch

Director of Communications