Rheumatology Center of Princeton, 123 Franklin Corner Rd, #106 Lawerenceville, New Jersey 08648 Phone Number: 609-896-2505

Make an Appointment

For patients making their first appointment, we suggest that you contact us by phone at 609-896-2505. Also feel free to stop by our office. If you are flexible, we can generally see you in a matter of days. In any event, you should not have to wait more than two weeks. We suggest that you come at least 20 minutes early. Alternately, if you request it, we will send a copy of our forms by fax or you can pick up a set at our office.

Forms for your First Visit

They are available on the contact page.

What Insurances do we participate in?

We try to participate with all commercial insurance providers and Medicare. We suggest that you check with us at the time of your first appointment. If your policy requires a referral from your primary physician, please make sure that it is available to us at the time of your first appointment.


We prefer appointments to be between 8:00 AM and 4:30 PM Monday through Friday.

Hospital Consultations

We are available for consultation at the Princeton Medical Center. We encourage all our patients to contact us whenever they may need to be admitted to a hospital even if the reason is not ostensibly rheumatologic.

Cancelling Appointments

We try to be understanding of our patients when they need to cancel appointments. We ask that you give us as much notice as possible and try to reschedule as soon as possible. These appointments were made so that we could give you appropriate care.

Tardiness and cancellations make it more challenging for us to provide patients with timely and efficient care. We do have a cancellation charge. We hope you will understand that this protects the rights of our patients who need appointments.

Keeping, Copying, and Saving Medical Reports and Records

We ask that you hold store all large format records like x-rays as we do not have enough space to store a large volume of these reports. We save all other records of tests that we order and notes written relating to your visit. You may request a copy of any record but we ask that you reimburse us for any costs for copying. Generally, when we order a test, we will discuss the test with you in detail at the time of your next appointment and we will provide you a copy of the test at that time if you request it. We use a state of the art and certified electronic Medical records system which is updated regularly.

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